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Lead Vocal, Keyboards, Rhythm Guitar
Themba Thompson

Themba Thompson

Keyboards, Flute, Percussion & Vocals
Katrina Maskell

Katrina Maskell

Bass & Vocals
Nick Gibson

Nick Moran

Lead Guitar & Vocals
Harrison Hunt

Harrison Hunt

Keyboards & Vocals
Charly Thompson

Charly Thompson

Stuff They Say

Stuff People Say About The Khanz

Don't believe any of it.

Indie Shuffle The Khanz | Wolves

"Wolves" is a great combination of fun Foals-esque guitar work, energetic falsetto choruses, interesting bass lines and an effective use of piano. It's a whole lot of fun with plenty of musicality providing it with edge for good measure.

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Djolo The Khanz | Wolves

Pétillant, dansant, planant… les Australiens de The Khanz font fort, pour leur premier album, Mistakes that Nature Made, ils déversent dans nos oreilles des torrents de groove, des refrains qui viennent directement s'imprimer sur la face la plus animale de nos cerveaux, des guitares frétillantes, et des basses bondissantes!

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3FACH - Lucerne The Khanz | Wolves

"How to write an indie pop song for dummies" haben The Khanz wahrscheinlich bis ins letzte Detail gelesen. Dann noch umgesetzt und ja, es funktioniert tatsächlich. The Khanz liefern einen sehr beeindruckenden Song mit einer spannenden Bassline und Catchy Hooks.

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Bliss Pop The Khanz | Wolves

Check out this indie pop track from Sydney's The Khanz — good vibes throughout.

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One Stop Record Shop The Khanz | Be Somebody

The Khanz are here – and don't we know it, serving up a nostalgic dose of the naughties with a distinctly contemporary edge. "Be Somebody" is the latest offering from the Sydney five-piece, blending elements akin to synth-pop gods Crystal Castles and MGMT, with a suitably quirky dream-pop aesthetic. On stage however, you need to be thinking more Glass Animals meets The Pixies. (I)f euphoric choruses were an art form, these guys would be Picasso on an acid trip.

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Wolf In A Suit The Khanz | Be Somebody

Positively endearing and filled with an optimism that is contagious and necessary in this time of age served through amazing melodies and unique and mesmerizing vocals. The Khanz have created the perfect track for the hopefuls, the brave and for those picking themselves up from the ground reminding them that they'll be somebody someday.

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Off The Radar The Khanz | Be Somebody

I don't know if "epic" is still a hip word, but that's the vibe I get from Sydney, Australia's The Khanz new single "Be Somebody". A big pop tune with soaring melodies to inspire the soul.

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Beautiful Freaks The Khanz | Be Somebody

I've got no idea what this is. This week's wildcard. From Australia, I think. It sounds like annoying hipster-crap: somewhere in between Coldplay, M83 and Vampire Weekend. And Animal Collective. But somehow, it works, or at least I think. Intriguing enough (annoying enough) to include here. Listen and decide for yourself.

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Immersed in Cool Music The Khanz | Be Somebody

(The Khanz) put out solid music and this song, "Be Somebody" is a case in point. The tune is expansive from the start with an all encompassing sound and chanting like vocals which build solidly on the good vibe. It is another song focusing on an optimistic view, something we need right now.

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Milk Crate The Khanz | Magazine Perfection

"Magazine Perfection" is the first taste we've had of The Khanz's newest material, and it is hauntingly beautiful — like the view of a wild storm from a warm house. It's hard to pin them down, but think CHVRCHES. And then push the envelope a little towards ZHU. I'm blown away that this eccentric four-piece hasn't received more praise and social media kudos.

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AAA Backstage The Khanz | Magazine Perfection

The Khanz are constantly pushing music boundaries and have yet again nailed their ambitious style. Magazine Perfection is a perfect sonic experience that sends you on a thrilling, melodramatic rollercoaster ride through a deep blend of pop, electronica, and alt-rock.

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The Music The Khanz | Magazine Perfection

Taking inspiration from some acclaimed acts such as The Naked & Famous and Chvrches, Magazine Perfection brilliantly bounces between a '90s house sound and experimental electronica, which is beautifully complemented by the incredible vocals of frontman Themba Thompson.

Check It The Khanz | Deerhunter

The Khanz are like Vampire Weekend on crack. Much like the band members themselves, Deerhunter successfully pushes the boundaries of both the current music landscape, and of modern day societal issues.

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By Volume The Khanz | Deerhunter

I'm obsessed. "Deerhunter" is a slick, gorgeous pop track with a special, intricate brilliance. It’s all too easy to peg The Khanz as catchy – one click of the play button below will make that clear – but there’s a devious and quite incredible level of craft on “Deerhunter”, genuinely akin to some of the most addictive indie-pop moments of the last few years.

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Alphabet Bands The Khanz | Deerhunter

Just like adolescence, it is as confusing as anything. But unlike adolescence, it sounds fantastic and is full of highpoints only.

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The Sound Of Confusion The Khanz | Deerhunter

"Deerhunter" is a song designed to empower, not discriminate, and the fact that its a catchy and broadly appealing alt-pop song is just the icing on the cake.

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Immersed In Cool Music The Khanz | Falling Apart

Here is the best of today’s many music submissions. The Khanz are from Sydney, Australia. This was a good day in music, because I found something that I really, really like.

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Alphabet Bands The Khanz | Falling Apart

We don’t know about you, but when a band describes themselves as ”Kinda like Vampire Weekend – if you shoved a kettle cord up their arse, plugged it into the wall and flicked the power switch”, we kinda feel pre-disposed to like them straight off the bat.

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Panam Bastards The Khanz | Falling Apart

Cette semaine musicale sera l’occasion de mettre en exergue un groupe australien, The Khanz ! Tout jeune, tout beau, tout propre, ces Wallabies distillent une musique indie proche des sonorités de Foals. Malgré un nom de groupe à coucher dehors et une voix mielleuse, le single Falling Appart t’emmanche rapidement les synapses grâce à un style pop-synthé très efficace ! Addictif ces kangourous !!!

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Radio Clubfoot The Khanz | Falling Apart

Whether it's the sea, sun or fucking huge insects - there's certainly something in Australia which is helping them create musician after musician of the highest quality - the latest to be discovered over at Radio ClubFoot are called The Khanz.

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The Burning Ear The Khanz | Roll Around

The Khanz are a band from Sydney with not nearly enough listeners. This recent taste of their loose jangly indie rock is a welcome bit of guitar, bass, and drums in this era of electronics.

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One Trick Pony The Khanz | Wolves

I’ll be honest, I knew not of The Khanz before today. But after watching the new vid for ‘Wolves’ – four minutes of sheep on pontoons, some very tasty percussion work and one super sexy she-wolf – I now know everything there is to know about The Khanz, the meaning of life, and whatever lies beyond this sad little universe.

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The Holding Pattern The Khanz | Wolves

The Khanz is a four piece band from Sydney who bring a fresh take on New Wave/Electronica music. Differing from traditional line-ups with all four members contributing to the vocal duties, it makes for some really pretty harmonies and helps make their sound a big synthy dream…. and it’s bliss!

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Triple J The Khanz | Wild Animal (White Lion Remix)

"Tasty remix here. Reminds me a bit of a beef'd up 'Computer Love' on safari with a dozen mini Santigolds" - Dave Ruby Howe.

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